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Imagine you’re in a giant maze of your own mind’s making. What would it be like? How many levels, layers, and rules are there? What are the obstacles?

And how do you navigate through those apparently immovable structures that seem to trap you in a box?

I struggled in this maze for years… reading every book, trying every new diet and fitness craze, taking every course or certification I could get my hands on, in the hopes that I'd find my way to my “ideal self.”

You know the one I’m talking about? That ever evasive vision of perfection… You probably found that, no matter where you looked, you couldn’t find that person. You probably learned that what you’re looking for is not out there anywhere. So, what next?

What I learned through navigating the maze is this:

Turning within, through a good mix of down 'n dirty strength training + playful, exploratory movement practice is a missing ingredient in the rich, joyful lives many of us are searching for.

My goal with Body of Work is to make movement and fitness SIMPLE AF…. so you can ignore all the nonsense on the internet, and finally move and train in a way that FEELS GOOD and WORKS FOR YOU LONG TERMwithout relying on anyone else’s formula. (Though I will, of course, be here to guide and, on occasion, cheerlead ;)

Ready to unleash your strength & have lots of fun doing it?

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• Blog style posts a few times a week exploring a range of movement & fitness related topics and blowing your mind open to the far reaching benefits of strength

• Bite sized movement ideas to play with

• Occasional drippings of poetry… cuz sometimes a girl’s just gotta write some verse

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• The weekly Body of Work movement practice, which invites you to create a better relationship with your body through… yeah the name kinda gives it away… movement! You’ll learn to move and train in a way that empowers you far beyond the act itself. And, have fun in the process. Joy through embodiment is our mantra.

• Ability to comment on movement practice posts, share experiences, & connect with the community,

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Monthly workshops diving deeper into the realms of movement and fitness. Sometimes practical, sometimes philosophical, usually a bit of both. These will be informed by the community’s needs & interests, so please participate in the comments!

A Bit About Me

I’m Faye. Mover, artist, lover, fitness nerd… former burnt out creative.

I‘ve spent the last 17 years on a journey of unearthing my creative power through movement and fitness.

This space came to be because when I stopped following others’ “rules” and formulas, and instead chose to revere the wisdom of my own body, I radically transformed my perception of myself and my way of being in the world. Through the practices I share here, I am continually learning to:

— feel free and joyful in my body (without ascribing to an aesthetic ideal)

— cherish myself in the expressions I once thought were “too much”

— experience love and pleasure in ways I never thought were possible

— create in ways that nourish my total well-being

— take action on my desires

I’ve experienced fitness as a simple yet profound journey to self-actualization, and I’m here to support you in experiencing the same.

Here’s to doing the damn thing.

xx Faye

Warning! If you choose to embark on this journey, you may experience any or all of the following:

•The profound joy of allowing creative energy to flow freely through you

• Your magical ability to perceive the unseen and create from the depths of your soul through the superpower of sensation

• Reverence for your body as a trusted confidant, source of wisdom, receiver of pleasure, and vessel of creative vision

• A release of the drive for external validation replaced with the knowing that you are your own best teacher and power source

p.s. Here is what readers are saying about Body of Work

Wow, Faye. This whole thing is beautiful. We live in a world of pretend edges and boundaries, of expectations that we fit into made-up norms that so many have become completely hypnotized by. You and your writing defy this in the most marvelous ways.” — Mike Sperisou

I can feel the power and the fire in every word.” — Lauren Barber

Oh my!!! I LOVE THIS!!!!!!! Truly. The incredible balance that we are expected to walk — except we don’t have to. We can be everything and anything all it once. It’s possible. Thank you for the encouragement!” — Caroline

Faye, you need a bigger audience, say a billion people.” — Weston Parker

p.p.s. If you want personal guidance and practices designed just for you, I offer 1:1 movement & fitness coaching. Send me a DM to see if we’d be a good fit for working together.

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