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8 Minutes of Movement to Release Tension and Embody your Unique Rhythm

Wednesday Wiggles #1: Yawn the Body Open

Hi, I’m Faye and I share the practice and philosophy movement as a pathway to personal empowerment.

Subscribe for free to enjoy the philosophy and occasional movement snacks. Or, better yet, join the SPINE community and learn to embody your power. With a paid subscription, you’ll have access to weekly movement practices and prompts to spark your creative fire, and seasonal workshop series to dive deep into embodying your unique purpose, passion and flavors of expression. 

Let’s Move Together

Welcome to Wednesday Wiggles! This is the very first in an ongoing feature for paid SPINE subscribers. In the spirit of learning, this inaugural session is free to all! Wednesday Wiggles are quick movement explorations crafted to get you out of your head and into your body. These playful prompts will help you embody your creative flow by inviting you to weave a rituals of joyful movement through your busy days.

Less talk, more action today, my friends. I know you’ve got things to do!

Our first exploration is one of my favorite anytime practices. I call it yawning the body open, and it’s just like it sounds. We’ll be on the ground, so feel free to come to a softer floor like a rug or carpet if that’s more comfortable for you. The purpose of this practice is to help you release tension, find ease in the natural rhythm of your body, and break out of habitual movement patterns. Without further ado, let’s get to it! And if, after the practice, you have any questions or just wanna chat, please drop a note in the comments :)

If you enjoyed this practice, and want to discover tools to reconnect with your body, find joy & pleasure in movement, and learn to embody your creative flow, I invite you to join SPINE’s very first 8-week movement workshop series, The Creative Body

SPINE’s inaugural workshop series for paid subscribers, The Creative Body, starts April 22, and will include 8 weeks of inspired movement practices designed to help you build a strong foundation for a lifetime of joyful, empowering movement. Each practice is designed to spark your creative fire, help you express the innate wisdom of your body, and support you in cultivating a loving relationship with all parts of yourself. 

In addition to movement practices, each week you will receive writing prompts to help you dive into the mysteries of  your passion and purpose, and curated playlists to accompany your explorations. You’ll also have access to full participation in the subscriber chat, where you can connect with other challenge members, and where I’ll hang out, answer questions and share ideas.

This is going to be the start of something wonderful. More details coming later this week!